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About the Hong Kong Branch
Student Member for Only UK$30 per annum

CEng registration started please send email to us to apply!
For Engineering Technician .
For IEng Application IEng Application .
For CEng Application CEng Application

What does it cost?
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Remember to check the entry requirements.

Message from CIPHE HQ: I am pleased to report that it has been agreed that holders of the Professional Course in Plumbing Design plus experiences will be recognised as Members of CIPHE.

Master Plumber Certificate Awards
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Thank you for your interest in applying as a member of the CIPHE.
We would like to enclose the attached files as per the following information for your necessary action. Please send the completed application form with relevant documents to CIPHE-HKB (P.O. Box 23229, Wanchai, Hong Kong).
All applications from HK will be accessed by HKB first.

Forms for download

1. File: CIPHE Reminder - Notes on reminders & supporting documentation required for the application

2. File: CIPHE Job Exp - A reference form for completing the details of the working experience and responsibilities

3. File: CIPHE Referee - Referee Form - to be completed for consideration

4. A soft copy of the application form in PDF format

For Industrial Associate application press here.

To re-instate membership please email to us for details.

Completed application form should mail to CIPHE-HKB, P.O. Box 23229, Wanchai, Hong Kong. For any query of the above, please feel free to send us your message for details.